Adult Child of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families. 
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About ACA organization / Adult Children

"Rebuildng You" ACA Group
ACA "Rebuilding You" is a local ACA group and is part of the Global ACA WSO group and the regional PA ACA Intergroup. (website soon available).  We are one of many local groups part of the PA regional group.  You can find other information and other groups by going to the ACA WSO home page by clicking above.  
ACA  World Service Organization
ACA PA Intergroup
What is ACA? How long has it been around? 
ACA was officially founded in 1978 by Tony A. when members of Alateen group, which is sponsored by Al-Anon, grew beyond teen years but wanted to continue to work on recovering from effects of being raised a dysfunctional family rather than the Al-Anon focus of being powerless over alcohol.  Along with Jack E.,  the Laundry List was created which identified common traits of children of alcoholic dysfunctional families.  They also created key tools for recovery including the Alcoholics Anonymous-adapted ACA 12 Steps, The Solution, The Problem list and The Promises.  These can be found on the home page or here.    
The Laundry List
(14 Traits)
12 Steps
The Solution
The Promises
What can I expect if I attend a meeting?
All are welcome to attend. You do not need to be from a home of an alcoholic or drug addict.  We have members from all ages and all walks of life.  Please attend if you think you may, or do identify with some of the Laundry List traits.  This is what we have in common. 
Many meetings take place in churches.  ACA program is spiritually based, not religiously based.  It does not cost anything to attend.  Donations are accepted but not expected from first time attendees. You don't need to RSVP, just show up!!
A Red Book meeting starts with a welcome, introduction of attendees by first name only, reading of the Laundry List or the Problems, The 12 Steps, The Solution or The Promises.  There is a reading from the ACA Red Book, followed by voluntary sharing by attendees.  These readings and shares can be moving and can create a connection through relevance in your life.  The meeting is commenced with the ACA serenity prayer. The meeting lasts 1 1/2 hours. Books and literature are provided at this meeting.  You may purchase your own literature at the meeting if you would like or below. 

A step meeting may occur after the beginning of the Red Book meeting, before the Red Book reading and the shares.  These groups are organized with groups of people who have attended at least 6 meetings and would like to work the steps in an organized way with a group or an individual with the aid of the ACA workbook.  Participants are encouraged to puchase their own workbook, which you can buy at the meeting or by clicking below.  These step meetings may be closed.  
The Big Red Book
(Fellowship Text)
What is a Step meeting?
The 12 Step ACA Workbook